Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tips for Succesful Dating

Making her want you with the words you say
  • Learn the steps of emotion that you need to trigger in a women.

Become comfortable around married women.
  • Find out the main reason why you get nervous around women and how to solve the problem.

Learning to read her body language.
  • Vital signs that you must watch out for in a woman's body language.

Chatting up married women is a step-by-step process.
  • The easy way to get her involved in the conversation.

Why married women always want to be your friend and not your girlfriend.
  • Why sending out lots of mixed signals works and how to do it.

Approaching attractive married women in any situation.
  • Extremely simple using these easy-to-follow how to steps.
Main factors in being successful at dating is confidence
  • How to notice the different types of dating personalities.

Breaking down that barrier.
  • Tips to help you take down her emotional barrier and on how to help you to be yourself.

Building conversations with married women.
  • How to know when she is interested in you & knowing the right time to make your move.

Getting her to tell you as much about herself as possible.
  • Making your reply take the interest she has in you and building on it

Keeping her interested
  • Learn the techniques on how to keep married women intrigued and interested in every word you say.

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