Monday, November 6, 2006

Tips for Desperate House Wives

  • If you're totally turned on, but not sure I am, let your man know you're ready for sex by taking his hand and leading him into the bedroom without a word.
  • Wear a thin silk shirt with no bra so that your nipples stand at attention, then rub your chest against him.
  • Help him button his shirt or adjust his tie in the mirror. When you dress him, He just want to get undressed again.
  • He love when you are cuddling next to him, completely nude, and I feel the softness of your pubic hair on his hip.
  • Licking behind his ears is a nice addition to traditional ear kissing.
  • If he is sitting in a chair and zoning out, come on over and straddle him. Your body in his lap will perk him right up.
  • Have him close his eyes and trace the outline of his lips with your finger.
  • He love when a girl gives him that "God-I-want-you gaze," especially if she shifts her eyes downward after a few seconds, then glances back up one more time.
  • Press and rub the back of his neck. Then run your hands around his shoulders and across his chest. It's as if he is being enveloped by you.

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